“Office ribbon” to replace aging Windows menu structure?

While Windows 7 is supposedly heavily modified from Vista, the desktop, so far, remains pretty much unchanged.

According to Mary-Jo Foley, a veteran Microsoft focused Journalist, Windows 7 may bring a pretty big change to the menu system that has been around for years.  She was lucky enough to have a “hands-on” with a pre-beta Milestone 3 release of the up and coming OS.  Of interest is that the “Office Ribbon” is being used in more applications outside of office, leading to speculation that the aging menu structure is coming to an end and being replaced.  Only a couple of applications were mentioned with the redesigned status bar so far, Paint and Wordpad.  If they do infact implement this system wide, it will be the first time that Microsoft’s status bar has been changed.  While it is indeed a much needed update, I can only laugh at the sound of the IT guy’s phone ringing off the hook the first day company users are subjected to this “drastic” change.  But then again…at the rate businesses have adopted Vista, it will be quite awhile before Windows 7 makes its way into the corporate mainstream.

source: Electronista