On a lighter note: Logitech Announces new Gaming Keyboard, Headset, and Mouse


While Logitech isn’t exactly raking in the money, they still are keeping up with new product releases.  As previously mentioned they are cutting 15% of their workforce in order to try and get back into the black ink.  Wanting to put money issues behind them and focus on the bright future, Logitech is jumping on the CES craze.  Logitech made public the next installments of several different categories including a new keyboard, mouse, and headset.  Click through for the full details.  First up is the G19 keyboard.  One of its most useful features is a 320×240 resolution screen top and center that will display in game information, VoIP call panel information, as well as function as a media viewer and performance tracker.  Users will be able to switch between the many different display options without having to actually leave the currently running app.  If you like buttons, this keyboard is sure to tickle your fancy.  It has a dozen dedicated programmable that can each have three micros.  Logitech doesn’t usually skimp on features on keyboards and mice and this model is not any different.  Of course being a game you’re going to game long into the night so haveing a backlit feature is very handy.  If you find yourself running out of USB ports on your computer, the keyboard has two extras that enable you to connect lower power devices.  The G19 is coming this March for both Mac and Windows for $200.  Nice!

Next up is G35 headset.  This headset marks a first for Logitech.  It is there first 7.1-channel surround sound headset that delivers Dolby Audio and an atypical voice masking feature that lets you try one of six different live voice effects, Cool!  The headset comes with volume and mute buttons in order to maximize efficiency and should also arrive in March for $130.

Bringing up the tail is the G9x gaming mouse.  Improvements over the old G9 include faster tracking  up to 5000DPI with the ability to slow down to a 200DPI crawl!  Customizing is a key feature we come to expect from Logitech.  The G9x continues this tradition with hot swappable cover plates, adjustable weights, and variable LED light colors.  Unfortunately, this full power of this mouse will be Windows only when the mouse slips into retailers in April for $100.

Source: Electronista