Opera Mini 5 beta 2 now available!

operamini5Using a mobile device to browse the web was nothing short of an excruciating experience not too long ago. In fact, before the iPhone came along, it out right sucked. That is unless you had some flavor of Opera Mini running on your phone. The beauty of this browser was that the main rendering was done on Opera Mini’s servers wit the resulting content arriving at your phone being roughly 10% of the original size cutting loading time and increasing browsing speed greatly. Opera Mini 5 ushered in a slew of new features and a completely redesigned interface that promised to catapult Opera Mini even further ahead in the mobile browser market. For those mobile internet junkies, Opera would like to announce that the next phase has begun — Opera Mini 5 beta 2. The updated feature set includes:

  • Download manager
  • Opera Link, to keep Opera Mini synchronized
  • Progressive loading — pages are now transmitted in chunks instead of one big piece
  • a lot of bug fixes

Don’t let me do all the work. Go to http://m.opera.com/next on your mobile device and get the latest in greatest in mobile browsing.
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