Palm readying BIG announcement?


WM Experts has received a tip regarding Palm’s website.  Apparently they made a few changes and left a few tid bits of info confirming the Palm Treo Pro.  If you go to Palm’s site and hit “Shop” and then click on “Compare Details”, you’ll notice that under the Treo Pro it says 3g and CDMA + EVDO.  What does this mean?  Only that it could be coming to more than one U.S. carrier or even more wild is if it the CDMA version was a “World Edition”, being a CDMA phone here in the states, but with a SIM card slot allowing you to use pre-pay SIM cards for those times when you’re out of the country and outside of CDMA coverage.  The only known information as of right this second are the January 25th release date and the steep $549 price of admission.


Source: WM Experts , Lets Go Mobile *picture*