Partial Plant Closure Ordered At Apple’s Unibody Manufacturing Plant Of Choice.

Thinking about buying a Macbook Pro/Air in the next few months? You might want to push up said plans as a partial plant closure due to “environmental concerns” affecting Apple’s key uni-body case manufacturer, Catcher Technology, in the Chinese province of Suzhou could (and very likely will) lead to shortages of some kind. Apparently the citizens surrounding the plant don’t like smelling molten metals and god knows what other kind of chemicals used in the creation of the gadgets we know and love. According to Catcher Technology’s President Allen Horng, “production will inevitably be affected”. Horng says total output will be cut by ~1/5th through October.

At least in Apple’s case, the effects any production cut will have on continuing Macbook Air sales or the rumored Macbook Pro refresh aren’t yet known. With the ever increasing popularity in Apple’s Macbook Pro (and Air) line, the shortage couldn’t come at a worse time.

Other manufacturers possibly affected by the partial closure include Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and Sony.

Like we said, if you’re in the market or think you’re going to be in the market in the near future for a new Macbook Pro/Air, you might want to act sooner rather than later.

Via: WSJ, FinancialTimes, 9to5Mac