Phillip’s announces 21:9 LCD with no US plans…US weeps


Just look at that beaut!  That my friends is a TV.  The TV above is Phillips’ new 56″ 21:9 LCD.  Whats cool is that it is almost the exact same as movie theaters’ 2:39:1 ratio.  Theater are already starting to drool…I can tell.  Best close your mouth though and get a tissue because Phillips as absolutely no plans, I repeat no plans to bring this to the States.  Hopefully, with Phillips breaking the ice, othe manufacturers will f ollow.  The TV coverts the 16:9 format into 21:9 on the fly.  I’m not sure how good of a job it does, but if more manufaturers pick up and run with this format I’m sure they can work the kinks out.  We can only dream…

Source: Engadget, Zdnet