PlayBook OS 2.1 To Bring Multi-tasking And Multi-Window Apps To Android Runtime Player.

RIM’s PlayBook hasn’t exactly been a raging success like the company (and many BlackBerry enthusiasts) had hoped. Still, the company is slaving away on the upcoming PlayBook OS 2.1 update. The latest feature to be revealed is something that sounds pretty essential, and frankly we’re surprised it wasn’t included from the get-go — multi-tasking/multi-window Android apps in the Android Player Runtime. With the new OS, Android apps will act much more like native apps in that you can minimize them and jump between different Android app windows.

More features such new APIs for the camera and in-app payments are also scheduled for OS 2.1.

BlackBerry Dev Blog writer/developer, Matt, also states on his latest post that plenty more features will be coming to OS 2.1, and furthermore BlackBerry 10. An update for the Android Runtime beta and PlayBook OS will be available later this summer.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog | Via: BerryReview