Poke Wars Are About To Get Physical

Actual Poking DeviceWhat if you could take Facebook pokes and bring them into the physical world? If given the chance, would you? Dutch Designer/Developer Jasper van Loenen has created a way to do just that!

He calls it the Poking Machine. It’s a wearable device that pokes you, physically, whenever you are poked on Facebook. Creating a custom circuit, van Loenan enables a motorized lever connected to a 9-volt battery and a Bluetooth chip, to extrude and resembling a human finger, poke the person using the device.

So far, it appears to be reliant on using an Android device; as it’s function is created using Processing For Android. If this were to be ported to other devices, is it something you would be interested in having? Or is “Poking” something that should be retired?

Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out the video below, showing how the device is created.


For those who can’t view the video, direct link – Making of Poking Machine

Source: Jasper van Loenen

  • ZacCoffman

    Thank you for your really informative comment…

  • Taylor

    I think younger teens might enjoy it for a couple months or it might be a funny gag gift between some close friends. I don’t see it going mainstream though.

    • ZacCoffman

      I agree. Especially since Facebook has been rumored to be phasing out the “Poke” function; which is why it was now basically hidden from view within the Timeline setup.