Pokemon Coming To Android. (But It’s Now What You Think.)

Back in the day when Pokemon was the hot new thing sweeping the U.S. you couldn’t go a day on any street corner without seeing some mention of the game or local meetups. Nowadays, however, it’s kind of like Power Rangers — still there on its 50th spin-off/version. But alas, the Pokemon onslaught is just gearing up for round 2(?) with the Pokemon company announcing a new Android Pokemon game is scheduled to ship this summer…
This new game will be called “Pokemon Say Tap?” and developed/released by the Pokemon company themselves. Gameplay will vary from the many titles currently available in that it will feature a Guitar Hero-like game play — music will be timed to strategically pressed on-screen buttons tied to Pokemon cards.

Sounds like a bit of a letdown/gimmick to us. If you’re going to play off a popular past time/name on a new platform, at least give the new user base something worthwhile. A Pokemon-themed DDR/Guitar Hero mashup is not cool.

As previously mentioned, the game is slated for a summer 2011 release in the Android Market as a Japan-only title with no formal U.S. plans being voiced just yet. Pokemon fans care to weigh in?

Source: Pokemon.co (Japanese)
Via: Phandroid