Preliminary Review: UberTwitter Beta for iOS. #ios #ubertwitter

Fans of the popular BlackBerry Twitter app, UberTwitter, have a new sibling in the family. Today, the official UberTwitter iOS app launched in the App Store. With literally dozens of Twitter apps to choose between on iOS, how does UberTwitter stand out? That and more are just after the jump…
I’ll start out by saying that the BlackBerry origins are glaringly obvious in UberTwitter. That is, it’s incredibly bare bones in the UI department. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. But fans of eye candy and slick design will want to look elsewhere. Looking past the simple UI, navigation is straight forward. Quite honestly, if you’ve used any one of the major Twitter apps, you’ll be more or less well versed in how UberTwitter works. I will note however, that UberTwitter is one of the few Twitter apps on iOS to feature the “slide-to-reply” feature that was made popular on Tweetie (now the official Twitter for iPhone app). It’s not as pretty, but the functionality is there.

However, what really sets UberTwitter apart from other iOS twitter apps is the implementation of landscape orientation viewing. Much like how the iPad displays tweets and RT’d articles, UberTwitter does as well, displaying tweets and articles/pictures within tweets inside of the right-side pane. One other nice touch is that you can select mobile or non-mobile view in the settings for the “live view” in the right pane. In my testing, even over a low quality 3G signal load times for a non-mobile live preview were only 10-20 seconds. Certainly within the realm of usable.

The only feature that I find severely limiting my usage of this new app initially is the single account-only design. I have two Twitter accounts that I must maintain. Logging in and out and/or using two separate apps to monitor each account is out of the question. So for now, UberTwitter is more of a toy. Once multiple account support is added, I’ll be back.

I realize that UberTwitter is a beta, so I can’t be too hard. But seriously guys, it needs some attention. With that said, a little touch up paint here, and multiple account support there could easily catapult UberTwitter to the top of the list. Let’s make it happen guys. I’ll be eager to watch UberTwitter develop over the coming months.

UberTwitter is available for free in the Apple App Store.