PSN Hack: Sony Finally Re-Launching Online Services In Japan This Week.

Sony’s widespread PSN Hack that brought the online gaming community to its knees back in mid-April is finally coming to a close this week, with Sony planning to finally re-launch the PlayStation Network store and Qriocity this week.

For the rest of the PSN-playing world, “victory” was made public back in mid-May starting with the U.S. and parts of Europe. Back at home, however, the Japanese government levied much stricter guidelines on Sony in an effort to truly make sure a hack of this magnitude never happened again. Whatever Sony and Japanese officials have been discussing is not known at this time, and very well never will be. Nonetheless, it shows the Japanese government is determined to beef up not only Sony’s security but their own country’s image as well.

Japanese PSN and Qriocity users can look towards the full re-launch beginning July 6th.
Source: ComputerWorld
Via: Engadget