Pystar…”Lawsuit? What Lawsuit?”

Being sued by a multi-million dollar company that could potentially put you out of business means that you should continue selling the products that got you in hot water in the first place.  Scratch that, take it one step further and release updated models of said product.  Pystar is apparently putting the lawsuit they’re currently in with Apple in the backs of their minds as they have now announced updated desktops with OS X, the “Big Bag of Hurt” formerly known as Blue-Ray, and Nvidia 9800 graphics cards.  Definitely a welcome upgrade.  I’m sure the graphics card will make its way into the upcoming MacPro refresh that is rumored to be in MacWorld ’09, but the “Bag of Hurt” is one thing Apple can’t/won’t supply.  Either way, if you’re into OS X but yearn for up to the minute innards, and don’t mind buying a desktop without any tech support and future upgrades possibly rendered null, whip out your credit cards and start buying!

source: ModMyi