Quad-Core Optimized Shadow Gun To Take Mobile Gaming To A New Level.

  • May 26, 2011 10:19 am

Android gaming is about to get a lot better. For proof, look no further than these new screenshots (albeit not actual live gameplay) of MadFingerGamers’ “Shadow Gun” — claimed to be the first game truly optimized for dual and quad-core processors. But the graphics aren’t the whole story. MadfingerGames says that the story behind ShadowGun will match the games mind blowing graphics.

The plot puts players in 2350 as bounty hunter, John Slade. The task is to find and bring to justice a scientist who has created mutants, cyborgs, and other humanoids which have more or less destroyed the world.

As we hinted above, the screenshots you see aren’t official screengrabs from live play. But Madfingers promises that the real eye candy will be just as nice when the game is officially released later this year. Here’s to hoping they’re right…
Source: MadfingerGames
Via: TouchArcade

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