Confirmed: RAZR MAXX Battery Rated At 3,300 mAh!

The Droid RAZR MAXX we talked about yesterday lacked one very critical detail: battery size/life. While we’re still waiting on official word from Motorola whether by way of email confirmation or later today on the CES show floor, it appears Droid-Life has already scooped the number.

Are you ready for this…3,300 mAh! The figure is allegedly straight from a Motorola rep’s mouth. If it is in fact accurate, that’s an insanely large battery for a smartphone, though a size that arguably should ship with every device.

Looking at some of the press shots, we’re not exactly sure how they managed to add so much capacity to the battery with relatively little change in size. (Magic?)

Update: Motorola just confirmed the 3,300 mAh figure via their Twitter account.

  • Gib

    Good grief that is a beastly battery!!