Reivew: Zombie Farm For iOS.

FarmVille. What does that word conjure up in your mind? For some, it’s hours of endless fun. Others, however, see a useless virtual world sucking the life out of children and adults alike with each passing day. Regardless of how you feel, try to put your feelings and emotions aside as we’re going to take a look at a recently revamped app developed by PlayForge called “Zombie Farm”.

While there are many parallels with FarmVille, the overall feel is just…different. Maybe it’s the brain eating twist that tickles our fancy (yes, we’re sick). Whatever it is, it’s worth a look. So hop inside and check it out…

When you first fire up Zombie Farm and make your way through the loading screen, you’re presented with the layout above asking you to select a character. From there your launched straight into the game, though not before a few tutorial windows pop up and give you a (very) brief overview of what’s going on basic controls. With that said, what is going on?

To be honest, Zombie Farm is very similar to FarmVille in the overall scope of what you do, though the ultimate goal is a bit different. In FarmVille you seek money and land. In Zombie Farm you could say money is important, but what really keeps the Zombies you grow happy is brains. While you do plant various crops and even have the ability to shop through an in-game market, your real focus should always be on growing an army of half-dead creatures ready to follow your every command. You’re free to to plant whatever, whenver, and wherever you want as well as attack other Zombies with your home-grown army.

And…that’s it. Zombie Farm is one of those games that is neither incredibly deep nor too shallow. While the goal is very basic in nature, actually getting there can be a rather tedious process. It is that process that has made FarmVille the gigantic social game that it is. And since Zombie Farm has the same type of game play, it too could enjoy the same success.

Within the last week, PlayForge released a new 0.880 update which added several new and very important features:

  • Universal App: Zombie Farm is now a universal app for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad and features new high resolution graphics.
  • Improvements to account switching between multiple user accounts
  • Redesigned menu
  • Revamped notification system
  • Bug fixes
  • **Upcoming features: New Social features and the ability to play with friends

Should you download Zombie Farm? The answer is rather simple. If you despise everything that FarmVille is, chances are you probably won’t be all to fond of Zombie Farm. But, if you are a FarmVille fanatic or are willing to try a (in our minds) cooler FarmVille, Zombie Farm is definitely worth a look especially after the latest update. If you can have fun on a 3.5″ screen, 9.7″ is can be so much better.

Zombie Farm can be found in the iOS App Store for FREE.