Replacement Mighty Mouse bringing an accelerometer to the table?


Mac Daily has been informed by one of their Apple sources, the next Mighty Mouse could come as a wireless only model and have an accelerometer under the hood.  Apple could be looking to kill two birds with one stone as this new Mighty Mouse could also possibly replace the Apple remote.  On top of scaling two devices into one, another design rumor details Apple getting rid of AA’s all together in favor of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, much like several other mice and keyboard manufactures have started doing.  With a rechargeable mouse comes the need to obviously plug it in at some point to recharge.  How Apple will choose to do this is still unclear.  They could either have some sort of port or base built in to next gen Macs, or they could ship a charging cradle with the mouse.  I just hope to god they don’t release a rechargeable mouse without anyway of charging it without paying even more money.  It is Apple’s philosophy so I won’t put it past them.  Either way, I am completely happy with my new Logitech MX Revolution mouse!


Source: Mac Daily News , Silicon Rumors , MacNN