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  • December 2, 2011 2:42 am

It’s that time of year again – cold and crappy. But when it is being stupid outside is that supposed to mean we can’t use our touchscreen devices? Can I not roam around tapping and swiping bare fisted waiting for frostbite to settle in? I could and actually always have – until this year. I was asked to give the new round of Agloves a test for this Holiday Season and since I have nothing but touchscreen devices littering my house, I thought it was a great time to give the gloves a try.

We’ve reviewed the Agloves in the past, but here we are a year later, and with new styles being offered, can they still impress us? Jump past the break to find out…


I was sent these gloves a while back but I didn’t think it was fair to review them without it being cold outside. I mean seriously, who wants to be the dbag wearing a pair of gloves when it’s 60º outside? So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been strutting around the streets of Portland touching everything I could get my hands on. I walked into an Apple store and fondled many iPads. I played – constantly – with my iPhone. I even wore them in my car and used them on my GPS. I can really only describe my time with the pair I was given in a few short words – I flippin’ love these things!!!

Agloves utilize silver in their knitting. Mashing both the body’s natural bioelecricity and the most conductive element, you are given the an accurate solution to freezing fingers. The science behind it is quite impressive.

Since we reviewed the Agloves last year, a couple of new styles have appeared to give the consumer more options. Besides the standard option, we are given the new Sport and Bamboo styles. The Bamboo comes in a natural bamboo color, so no extra dyes were added to create a very tiny carbon footprint. The Sport style are stretchier so that they fit a broader range of hand sizes. Since Mike reviewed the standard style last year, I thought I’d give the Aglove Sport a try.

They work extremely well with all touchscreen devices, but also fit snuggly over your hands and keep them warm in the harshest conditions. I have used them spanning a temperature of around 32º – 48º, and not only did they keep my hands surprisingly warm, they didn’t hinder my abilities to Tweet and test till I was – literally – blue in the face.

The gloves worked great on my iPhone 4S, with and without a protective screen. They also worked well with my TomTom GPS, though not as well as I would have liked — not exactly sure why. But they got the job done none the less. Hell, I even tried the gloves with many a different Android devices with great success.

As for speed, I was able to continuously type on my phone with only minor speed bumps, only occasionally running into a ‘fatter’ finger screw up than I was used to. Ultimately, sacrificing the perfect speed of my typing was welcomed over the frostbitten fingers I would of had.

The biggest gripe is more with the phone you’re using itself. In my case, the iPhone does have a smaller keyboard which proved to be a bit of trouble here and there with the wider fingers tips. That said, I’ll admit that I ran into less missteps using an Android device with a bigger keyboard on a bigger screen.

Not everything was great during my time with warm fingers though. Like I said, the TomTom gave me the most trouble. Having to push harder than I should of had to to get a response was annoying. This only happened on my GPS, so possibly the age of the unit (TomTom circa 97) or I was just having bad luck each time I tried. Another critique I would have is the overall look of the gloves. At least with the Sport style, I did notice them looking a little over the top glittery if you will. You can’t tell how much silver is in the gloves through the pictures on their site, but when you first take a real life glance at them, it was almost a surprise. I’d suggest taking a peak in person before committing to the purchase.

Overall, the Aglove Sport really did an outstanding job and keeping my hands warm while delivering exceptional touchscreen experiences. I felt them keeping out the wind more than I’ve seen with similar fit gloves as well. And minus the small GPS hiccup, I had a great time. So if you want to keep the touchscreen user in your life typing in the most extreme conditions, for $23.99 you can’t go wrong. The Bamboo finish in at $23.99 as well, while the original style come in slightly lower at $17.99.

These will make a great stocking stuffer over anyones fireplace. Go on over to their website and pick up a couple pairs!


Gadgetsteria Rating: 4/5

Thanks to Agloves for the review pair.

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  • Guest

    They worked poorly with your GPS because it likely had a resistive, rather than a capacitive, touch screen. Resistive screens use actual pressure to register a touch, rather than electrical conductivity in capacitive screens (hence, they require special gloves). They are much cheaper than capacitive, but are inaccurate and only register two fingers at most, so they are ill-advised for high end smartphones due to lack of gestures. They’re commonly used in cheaper, single function devices like GPS units or anything that requires a stylus (notably, the Nintendo DS). 

    The gloves worked poorly because the soft material didn’t press the screen firmly enough to register a touch. You’ll find your GPS will detect touches from any other pair of gloves you own if you press hard enough. 

    • Jordan Carpenter

      The Agloves state to work with TomTom GPS units. That is what I have. Are the recent TomTom units different than older ones?

      • The Gadgeteur

        Most GPS unitss, especially as old as yours, are probably resistive. The Agloves will work on resistive, you’ll just have to push harder