Review: BodyGuardz Mykase & UltraTough Clear Case Friendly ScreenGuardz

Let me begin this review by saying how fond of the BodyGuardz line of screen protection I am. If you follow me on Twitter, or know me, you probably already knew this. I have been using the screen protectors on both the front and back of my iPhones since the 3G days. Between the solid construction, easy application, warranty and amazing price, I’ve always been drawn to the products.

I will not be basing this review on my past experiences with BodyGuardz. Even though they have all been pleasant, I will base everything on these two individual products, both being brand new and not used by myself since CES 2012 until now.

Drop past the break to hear me ramble on what BodyGuardz is churning out in 2012…


Intro to mykase

First off, let me talk about a new product that BodyGuardz is offering; the mykase. The mykase for the iPhone 4/4S is a 3-piece case with interchangeable sides, bottom and back. The base of the case is available in gloss white and matte black. The mykase combines this patent-pending 3-piece system to create amazing personalization of your case. Not only will it offer complete protection (when combined with the UltraTough Clear Case Friendly ScreenGuardz) but will also keep you happy with so many different possibilities. The standard kits include either a matte black or glossy white base. You are given the same color back panel as your base, the opposite of your base as well as a yellow back plate. There are many more color options to choose from, to create a wide range of possibilities.

A new customization coming soon is what I was able to test. During our meeting at the booth we were shown a custom back panel engine that will be available at the BodyGuardz website which will allow you to upload your own image to the rear panel of the case. They will print this onto the piece and send it to you for an extra fee added onto the $29.95 price tag. There was a swatch of different rear panels that were used to show off the service, and one included the NES controller you see above. Since my crotch area was being graced with an NES belt buckle, the team at the BodyGuardz booth felt over joyed and obligated to hand over the NES panel for my reviewing eyes. I of course jumped at the chance to rock a custom NES iPhone 4S case. I was given the standard black, white and yellow back panels, which I have yet to even think about using.

Design – mykase

If you have read any of the case reviews I have posted, you’ll know I hate me some cases. That is why I’ve always been drawn to BodyGuardz in the past – because of their screen protection. The mykase was a newer product, and since I have been so pleased in the past, I was eager to give it a shot. The mykase is a simple and sexy solution to iPhone cases. It feels incredible in your hand. It doesn’t create much bulk, but at the same time it feels sturdy and fits perfectly. While at the booth, I felt the glossy side and back panel, which I wasn’t too thrilled about, but the matte black option offers a non-slick surface which sits comfortably without the fear of it sliding out of my sweaty palms.

The mykase offers easy access to all of the iPhone’s outer nubbins. A major plus in this area of the design is the way the dock-connector sits fully accessible. I was able to use the 2 docking stations (1 being an iDevice stereo) without having to remove the case. With some of the competing brands I’ve tested, I had to completely strip my phone of any protection to use the peripherals lying around my house. This is absolutely not the case with the BodyGuardz solution.

The 3-piece interchangeable system is so incredibly easy to take apart and change up. Another huge gripe I have – which you may have noticed – is how crappy taking a case off can be. This is in no way the case here my friends. It works similar to your average two piece slider cases of the past. The bottom piece slides off, leaving you with just top section. What BodyGuardz perfected with their product is a slightly raised wrap that creates an easy and safe-for-your-phone sliding action. No more gouging the sides of your phones. The back plate of glass on your iPhone is also protected with a microfiber type strip that raises the case a white oh so slightly from the delicate back panel. Changing up the back panel takes nothing more than a slide out, then a slide back in the tiny grooves on the back of the case.

Intro to UltraTough Clear ScreenGuards – Case Friendly

Over the years I have used almost every screen protection brand around. I have tried all the big hitters, as well as some of the no-name products you might find hanging the dusty shelves at your local Apple store. No matter which I try, I have always had more complaints than I’d like to recall. BodyGuardz is the system I always find myself shelling out the money for with an eager smile on my face. This is exactly what I did the second I hit ‘Checkout’ at on October 7th (or whenever the pre-order went live for the 4S). Almost a week later I had my new phone and my brand new BodyGuardz. But during some case reviews the front screen protecter began peeling off. This is normal when you aren’t using a case-friendly sheet. You risk the longevity of the film.

So you could only imagine how happy I was walking up to the BodyGuardz booth with a peeling corner and nothing but a boyish glimmer in my bright blue eyes when I saw the ‘case-friendly’ sign on one of their products!

Design & New Application

The design is pretty straight forward. With most screen protection solutions around, you are given some sort of application spray (unless it’s a dry application) and whichever pieces you opted for. Something brand new from BodyGuardz is their UltraTough Case Friendly design. Made from some of the best and toughest materials around – I could only assume the skin of the one and only Chuck Norris – the ScreenGuardz offer high-quality scratch protection without taking away from the gorgeous design of the iPhone. The custom cut of the case-friendly design offers the same level of protection you’ve come to know and love, but adding the convenience of not having to replace it frequently because you choose to rock a case.

Another new process we were able to witness at the booth was the gel application process. If you are familiar with the ScreenGuardz line, you’ll know it was a spray bottle or dry application. Whilst sitting at a convention somewhere at some point in time, the gang at BodyGuardz took a jug-o hand sanitizer to test out how the application would run if using a gel formula instead of a straight liquid. After testing and really clean hands, they finally came up with an incredibly easy and quick application method. Having it demoed for us at the booth, I was actually quite impressed. A few small dabs of the gel on the protective film, a nice easy lay onto your phone, a few squeegee strokes with your AMEX, and you have a quick and far less cloudy option than ever before. Both Mike and I were given new front films on our iPhones, I noticed no clouds after a few short hours, where as before, with BodyGuardz and other companies, it took closer to 24 to be rid of all blemishes.

With this new application process, I had not one bubble, and a far clearer view of my screen then past applications. Mike on the other hand, well, he had a bit of a problem. He noticed some blemishes which appeared to be small bubbles that lasted even a few days after the convention ended and he flew his sorry butt back to Indiana. Out of two applications we witnessed, it was a perfect 50 – 50 split. He’ll have to chime in now to let us know if they worked themselves out or not, but my case is still looking grrrreat!


BodyGuardz has created an amazing and personal solution for my phone. The mykase joined with the new case-friendly ScreenGuardz, you can have a personalized and stylish case made from tough materials, and backed with an amazing guarantee. Both pieces are extremely easy to put on, and so far, are long lasting. My front protective film has taken a beating over the past couple weeks as I’ve been sliding cases on and off my poor iPhone. Not one corner has even started to budge. The mykase is the case I keep reverting to after other cases come and go. I love the way it feels in my hand. And I love how creative and personalized the rear panel can be.

The standard mykase kit will set you back $29.95. Throw in an extra $9.95 for extra back plates, and if my memory serves me right, it’ll be a fee of $19.95 to have the personal back plate. Throw in a case-friendly ScreenGuardz protective sheet for an additional $15.95 and you have incredible protection with sacrificing functionality or comfort.

The customizable back plates service will be offered soon, so I suggest thinking about what you want on the back of your iPhone!

Head on over to BodyGuardz to create your perfect case!

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 5/5


Thanks to BodyGuardz for the both items to review, and the great demo and conversation at CES 2012!