Review: Case-Mate Snap Case & Pop!

“The 1990′s called, and they want their bracelet back!” That is probably what you’ll here while using the Snap Case by Case-Mate. During our travels through the sea of people at CES 2012, we came across the decent sized Case-Mate booth. Now, Case-Mate has been in the game for a while, and they have a shite ton of cases. Some are your normal run of the mill cases, but some make you enjoy covering up the sexiness of your iPhone with a case.

The Snap Case does just that. When I first saw this at CES, I was stoked. If you recall the late 80′s and early 90′s, you’ll probably remember Slap Bracelets (or snap bracelets for you n00bs). Well, combine one of those with the power of a Case-Mate case and you have yourself one nifty idea.

This fun to use case features a pretty standard design, in a variety of colors, but features a built-in kickstand that snaps out with a simple push of a button. As you can see, it snaps out – not unlike the Slap Bracelets of my youth – to create a stand that will allow for both horizontal and vertical viewing. I did feel that the angle was too extreme. The phone almost laid on it’s back when trying to get a vertical view. The horizontal view was much more pleasing. With only a slight raised housing on the back of the case, no much to moving parts or bulges that interfere with every day use.

The case wraps nicely around the front to give your screen some nice added protection. But beware, even with a case safe screen protector, you’ll see it start to peel off, as this really hugs the screen. But what we really get here is the fun and novelty of some kick ass jewelry from the 80′s and 90′s!

A very comfortable and soft touch, and a sexy matte finish. If you have $30 to blow, I recommend the Snap Case for the sheer awesomeness of the stand!

This brings us to the next Case-Mate case on the list: the Pop! with Stand Case. For an extra $10 (a whopping $40) over the Snap Case, you’ll get a run of the mill case with a kick stand for your viewing pleasure. You do get to choose from around 10 different color variations, but even that added feature doesn’t really justify the price tag.

The case does add some great protection featuring some cushioned DuoFlex material, but that most stable part of the case. The kick stand, which is the main feature – to me – felt flimsy and on the edge of snapping every time I popped it out. The viewing angle given from the stand, however, makes up for it. Compared to the Snap Case, the vertical angle was far more comfortable for my neck. Almost standing straight up adds for some relaxing viewing.

The back is a slick gloss, with rubbery sides to keep it from slipping out of your hands. All in all, not a bad case, I just feel the price is a little steep.


Thanks to Case-Mate and Kaplow PR for the review samples