Review: Coolermaster QuickFire Pro And Sentinel II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard And Mouse.

As is true in many areas in life, the tools one uses to complete a task aren’t quite as important as the skill of the tool’s user. Translated to the world of PC gaming: Going out and buying the most expensive accessories and hardware that money can buy won’t instantly turn you into a pro capable of fragging foes left and right without so much as a scratch on your face. That said, having a higher end mouse and keyboard certainly wouldn’t hurt.

CoolerMaster was kind enough to send us their brand new QuickFire Pro and Sentinel Advance II gaming keyboard and mouse. They even tossed in their new Speed Rx enhanced gaming mouse pad, which besides being larger than life is said to improve gaming performance and reduce fatigue thanks to the ample 5mm of padding. Let’s see how all the gear stacks up…

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