Review: GreenSmart Akepa Macbook Pro Sleeve.

Apple hardware is designed so meticulously well that covering it up in the name of perfection is bittersweet. On one hand, you’re almost ensured to have a device as immaculate and nice looking as the day you bought it many months in the future. On the flip side, you’re covering up some of the greatest hardware design known to mankind. There’s a pro/con to everything we guess.

GreenSmart is a California based company that prides itself in making gadget accessories/cases out of recyclable materials. One such product, the GreenSmart Akepa Sleeve, has been with us at GS HQ for the last week and a half. How does it stack up?

What Makes It Green?

GreenSmart uses a product they call “Neogreene” instead of the usual neoprene. This water-based (and completely free of toxins) material requires 25% less petroleum and 25% less energy to manufacture and produce, as well as eliminates the need for toxic-based solvent adhesives. Furthermore, the inner padding is made from recycled crushed plastic bottles.


We were sent the black version of the Adepa as pink just didn’t really fit our style. That said, the case is simplistic in many ways; it is all black with the only variations in shade coming from different materials wrapping their way around the sleeve. On the bottom right corner of the front of the sleeve there is a simple GreenSmart logo made out of two shades of lime-ish green. The dual-zippers wrap ~50% of the edge of Akepa’s body.


The soft, squishy design of the Akepa means this isn’t a high-shock case for the super clumsy or ultra paranoid. What it does excel at, however, is keeping your precious aluminum-clad (or non-unibody too) Macbook Pro as well as any other 15″ laptop perfectly safe in your bag, and free from the dangers of pens, scissors, notebook spirals, etc. Nothing is worse than a nasty gouge in an otherwise immaculate piece of gadgetry.

While we stated that extreme drop protection is not this sleeve’s strong suit, drops of less than 2-3′ shouldn’t be cause for worry. It is a protective case for minor bumps and drops. But it’s not a G-Form Extreme.


At $34.95 we feel the Akepa is reasonably priced for what it offers — good scratch protection and minor shock protection — while looking good (but not too much so) in the process. The added bonus of being constructed from recyclable materials is a feature we’re sure few will find fault with, too.

If you’re looking for a simple laptop sleeve, the Akepa by SmartGreen is worth a serious look. It’s done it’s job with our Macbook Pro over the last week and a half of traveling to and from the office handedly. And if it can stand up to our abuse, chances are you’re experience will be smooth sailing.

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