Review: House Of Marley Smile Jamaica And Conquerer Earphones.

It’s not always feasible, practical, or sociably correct to carry a hulking pair of headphones around. While your ears may be buttered in blissful audio, onlookers will at best mildly chuckle. Not to mention if you’re the type who uses open-back headphones there’s the whole issue of noise bleed reaching other peoples’ ears.

Thankfully we have ear buds — in a million different shapes and sizes. Today we’re giving the House of Marley Smile Jamaica and Conquerer ear buds a little hands (and ears) on time to see if their earth-friendly image is where the goodness stops. Hop past the break for the full review…

Smile Jamaica

At $29.99 the Smile Jamaica are what we’d call budget ear buds. They’re affordable while also packing an eye catching design. But even at $30 we’re highly critical. For if a particular headphone/earphone can’t do it’s main job in life — do it well — what’s the point in owning them?

And so here we are…

  • The Specs: 20 Hz to 20+kHz, 8-mm neodymium driver, 16 ohms impedance, (3) sets of silicone tips, 52″ fabric cord, and in-line mic.

The first thing you’ll notice with any House of Marley product is the more earthy, natural feel and design. They’re like that for a reason (hint: Marley…MARLEY…Bob Marley)

Once we get past the unique styling there’s not much else to do but…pop them in your ears. At $29.99 we didn’t expect too much worth writing home about. We’re pleasantly surprised, however, to report that the Smile Jamaicas are actually a pretty good value. Bass was deep and hard hitting without being overly mushy — a rare trait in earphones of this price. Mids were slightly too forward for our tastes while highs were fairly rolled off.

We’ve heard better and we’ve heard worse. The thing the Marley’s have going for them, the price and the slick style, is something worth considering should your ears find Jamaica’s audio quality up to par.

Besides the decent audio quality, several different sizes of ear tips are included so that the perfect fit is acquired. Speaking of which, all earphones of this type require a snug fit. If you’ve never worn a pair of earphones that require a sealed fit, it may seem odd at first. But trust us, if you have poor sound quality/lack of bass, try reseating and/or another ear tip.

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If you are willing to open your wallet a bit wider, Marley has a more capable set of ear phones by way of the Conquerers.

  • The Specs: 20 Hz to 20+kHz, 9-mm neodymium driver, 16 ohms impedance, (3) sets of silicone tips, 52″ fabric cord, and in-line mic

Comparing the specs between the Jamaicas and Conquerers may have some of you scratching your head as to the big difference. While the two earphones are very similar in regards to specs, the Conquerers actually feature a 1-mm larger driver as well as overall better construction. The small 1mm size difference may not sound like much but when combined with tiny differences in material and overal earphone construction, the end result is a large increase in audio quality.

Lows are only a smidgen deeper than the Jamaicas, but they are for more meaty. Mids are much more controlled while highs are actually audible and quite forward. Don’t let the forward highs scare you though. These headphones still favor a more bottom heavy sound signature. It just that you’ll also have the privilege of hearing other parts of your music.

Pricing for the Conquerers is $79.99.

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Both the Smile Jamaica and Conquerer are great ear phones at their respective price points. Though being the audiophile-in-training that we are, we’d easily push you towards the Conquerer. All in all a good product that for once features good design and performance to back it up.