Review: HTMLEditor (Cydia App)

HTMLEditor from RevBlaze

For almost 2 years, I refused to buy a new laptop. I swore that my iPad could do everything I needed, and then some. For the most part, I was successful in “proving” my point. It wasn’t until I started to pick up a little more web clients, that I realized there was one thing that was missing.

I’ve tested just about all of the main web editors available on the AppStore; CodoSaurus, Gusto – Code Editor and FTP Client, and FTP on the Go. While some had incredible interfaces — Gusto may have been one of the best UIs that I have ever seen in the AppStore — the were always lacking in some form or another, either in usability or function.

While browsing Cydia, I noticed an app that struck out to me “HTMLEditor” from developer RevBlaze. With all other editors, I felt the need to try this one out. It appeared to be everything I wanted, basic interface, and lots of room to code! Exactly what I’ve been looking for, for almost 2 years.


While I love this app, I will say it’s not for the common user. There are no tag helpers that many are used to using within applications such as DreamWeaver. There also are no built in formatting; YOU write everything from DOCTYPE to closing your HTML tag. This wasn’t a big deal to me, but may turn some users away from using this app. The only other downside I noticed was, that there is no FTP support.

What I Want In The Future

In the future there are several things I would like to see implemented. I would like to see FTP support being added as the lack of said feature is a slight downside to the app. As I tend to do some editing on the go, I need to access my servers — something other apps have implemented. Another inclusion I feel will be beneficial would be based off of DreamWeaver, and that would be to have CSS files editable in a separate tab. This isn’t major, as I personally will code my CSS Internally before placing it into an external file. It would just be more convenient. And finally, for the everyday user, I’d like to see some form of TagAssist. Not everyone can hand code an entire website; and I find it sad sometimes that I can.


This app is worth it for $2.99 (if you are not jailbroken you can also purchase a version from the AppStore for $6.99 from the same developer). There is room for improvement, and from talking with the developer, I feel he is motivated to follow through with updates; the universal support alone is worth the $2.99.

Have you used this app yet? Do you plan on using it?

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Source: RevBlaze