Review: iDapt i4 Mobile Device Charging Station.

  • October 27, 2010 3:29 pm

Ah, electricity. The life blood that keeps us electronic-toting, gadget-loving nerds alive. Well, ok. Actual blood keeps us alive if you want to get all technical. But for all intents and purposes, it’s electricity that keeps us moving. But unlike our gadgets when we venture too far from a power outlet, we manage to keep going…and going. Our unlucky gadgets on the other hand don’t fare so well — the permanent standby claims them. Of course, a fresh outlet and 1-2 hours later is all that’s needed to resurrect those beloved electron-loving devices we cherish so much.

But if you’re like me, you don’t have one or even two gadget mouths to worry about. Noooo sir (or mam). You’ve got 7, 8, 10, or more gadgets all clamoring for digital juice. Most of us don’t have six outlets by our end table. Power strips work wonders but lead to wires all over the place. The next best solution is a multi-device docking/charging station. And today, that’s exactly what we’re taking a look at — the iDapt Mobile Device Charging Station.
The basic principal employed with he iDapt is modular design. Two birds are killed with one stone — (1) You don’t have to have wires dangling all of the place as you would with a simple power strip and multiple device adapters and (2) you don’t have to worry about buying a device with a built-in set of plugs. The latter point is important, because if the plugs are built in, you’re rather limited upgrade wise later on down the road when you get new gadgets that sadly come with their own proprietary plug. Since the iDapt is modular, you just pop out the little adapter and plug another one in that corresponds to your device.

While we’re on the topic of those little adapters, we should mention what one could typically expect in the box: miniUSB, microUSB, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPod/iPhone, Nokia. (I say “typically” because at check-out you can create a custom box of 4 tips or choose the 6-tip box like I am reviewing here.) Despite the specific brands such as “Apple, Samsung, and Sony”, the inclusion of mini and micro USB adapters means a slew of other devices can hook up to the iDapt i4. So really, the usefulness is much higher than it initially appears.

Those with an eye for good design can take comfort in knowing that for a simple black box that pumps electrons into other black boxes, it’s rather pleasing on the eyes. It’s smooth and slick — like a black jewel. It’s also sturdy. So even loaded up with three top-heavy devices, the iDapt i4 holds it’s ground.

One other thing concerning design — the iDapt i4 comes in multiple colors. At check-out, you’re given the choice of: light blue, light green, black matte, metallic blue, orange, hot pink, red, silver, and white. Everyone’s boat should be floating…

Should you pick up and iDapt charging station? It’s pretty easy to work through the logical questions that would lead to a purchase. Do you have multiple gadgets? Do you like a neat and tidy table/charging area? If you answered yes to either one of those, you qualify for the “buy” category. Now all you have to decide is 4 or 6 tips? Either way, it’ll cost you the same $59.99.

What do you think?

*Thank you to Max Borges Agency for the review unit*



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