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  • December 18, 2010 5:37 pm

If you haven’t realized it by now, it should be pretty clear. We like iPhone 4 cases. We’ve already reviewed quite a few. And as long as Max Borges keeps supplying us, we’ll keep reviewing them in the future. Over the last couple of months, I’ve found myself growing to like a few of the cases quite a bit. The Xtreme Mac Tuff Wrap in particular holds a soft spot in my heart. But as I do with all gadgets, I open my arms and invite them in. With that said, the latest two cases to fall into my lap are the iSkin Solo FX and Solo Vu. Come inside and check them out…

Design & Construction

Naturally, I’m going to favor the green Solo FX case here as purple (Solo Vu) just isn’t my cup of tea. Although, that’s not to say the Vu is bad case. Far from it. It’s designed quite well — something we’ve come to expect from iSkin. With that said, both cases are rather similar in design. They both have the same amount and style of cutouts. Speaking of which, we’re not personally too fond of open sides on phones, especially fragile phones like the iPhone 4. As you will see in the gallery below, the top of the case is completely open mean that if you drop the phone top down, the shock could jostle the phone lose and render untold amounts of damage to your precious device.

Once we move past the cutouts, the cases are really quite unique in their own subtle way. The Solo FX has a smoother feel with larger circular designs pressed upon the case. The Solu Vu on the other hand has a two-tone design. Along the back center of case is a hard piece of plastic with tiny little circles designed into the case. On either side of the plastic is the same rubber that dons the Solo FX and many other soft-sided cases. It seems that the silicon/rubber on the Solo Vu is ever so slightly firmer. The end result isn’t significant, though.

One other feature of the Solo Vu that might tip you in its favor is a covered dock connector. Such a design helps to keep dirt and grime out of the delicate dock area that handles pretty much everything on the iPhone and add-on accessories.


As far as soft-sided cases go, both the iSkin Solo FX and Vu are great cases. Each design comes in a large variety of colors and the designs are modern and trendy. The open-top nature of the cases isn’t our particular favorite, but it’s not necessarily a make-or-break situation either. It comes down to personal preference.

The iSkin Solo FX retails for $34.99 and the Solo Vu for $39.99. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the average price of iPhone cases creep upwards. It seems that it used to be ~$20-$25 for your typical case. Now you can hardly find a case under $30 with plenty of cases retailing for $40 or more. On that note, value is something that varies from person to person. I can’t say that the Solo FX or Solo Vu are worth their respective prices based on your own likes and dislikes. What I can say, however, is that iSkin has two well designed cases on their hands. The Solo FX and Solo Vu are two cases that iPhone users should definitely consider.

Design: 4
Protection: 3.5
Value: 3

Gadgetsteria gives the iSkin Solo FX a 4 out of 5 and the iSkin Solo Vu a 3 out of 5

iSkin [Solo Vu]
iSkin [Solo FX]


A big thanks to Max Borges Agency for the review cases.

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