[Review] MoGo Talk XD iPhone 4 Case and Bluetooth Headset. #mogo

Smartphones are proliferating around the world. Similarly, laws to tell us how and when we can use them are growing as well. The most notorious cellphone-based law is none other than the handsfree law. Simply put, you can’t use your hands to interact with your phone. Get caught and the penalties range from monetary fines to jail time.

For iPhone users at least, the “MoGo Talk XD” iPhone case + Bluetooth headset combo is a one-two punch. Not only to you get a case to wrap around your phone, you get a bluetooth headset too! But it this merely a case of “Jack of all trades, master of none”?

Hop inside for the review…

Design & Protection

Fashinable geeks will be pleased to know that the MoGo is actually quite nice on the eyes. Around the sides and edges of the case it has a matte, rubbery type of coating that aims to protect your iPhone when dropped. On the back of the case, the matte rubber gives way to shiny plastic as well as the docking station for the included Bluetooth ear piece.

As far as drop protection goes, the MoGo is thick enough that even more severe drops of multiple feet should be met with little fanfare from the case itself. The earpiece too is built rather well, though understandably feels a bit more fragile.

One thing that I particularly like about the MoGo Talk XD that doesn’t get a lot of limelight in most reviews is the height of the sides of the case when they wrap around the screen. In many instances, hitting the edges of the onscreen keyboard can be quite difficult because of how much a case protrudes into your typing space. That simply isn’t the case here. In fact, it’s right up there with the Ballistic SG in terms of flushness on the front side of the phone.

One feature that we would like to see the company address is how the Bluetooth headset is charged. In the current iteration, you have to use a provided mini-USB plug. What we’d like to see is the headset charged off of the iPhone. While it will lessen iPhone runtime slightly, it will allow you to travel without having to worry about carrying two charging cables. The true road warriors will come to appreciate such a feature.

But even with the current set up, we still the overall design adequate.

Bluetooth Performance

While the ability to function as a case is one staple feature of the MoGo, perhaps even more important is how the Bluetooth features of the case work seeing as that is how the MoGo sets to stand out from the countless other iPhone cases on the market.

Turning the Bluetooth earpiece on is easy, handled by a single button. Press and hold until the little light blinks and it’s on and waiting to be paired. Press and hold again to turn off. Simple, easy, and quick.

I must say, using the MoGo for several days seems to finally be making a Bluetooth believer out of me. I’ve long been against them mainly because they were big, performed terribly, or simply awful in design. While the design in this case is nice, I wouldn’t call it fashion-worthy. Though it’s the audio quality and performance that really get my attention. I found audio quality and volume to be what I’d call above average given the dreadful performance I’ve experienced on other Bluetooth earpieces. Add in the fact that you can simply “stow and go” the earpiece in the case when not in use.


The MoGo Talk XD is certainly a worthy case due to its rather slim design that also manages to cram a Bluetooth headset within. On top of that, the softer matte rubber finish on the sides doesn’t attract lint like many other softer cases do. Couple that with the hard plastic underlying structure and you’ve got yourself a worthwhile multi-purpose case.

Furthermore, the included Bluetooth headset is actually quite good in quality. Callers said that I was loud and clear on their end without any noise or hiss. Likewise, callers sounded just as good on my end, almost making me forget that I was using a Bluetooth headset.

Design: 4
Protection: 4
Value: 4

Gadgetsteria gives the MoGo Talk XD a 4 out of 5


A big thanks to Max Borges Agency for the review cases.