Review: NuTouch Gloves

We’ve already had some (literal) hands-on time with two paris of Agloves’ fantastic touchscreen gloves (1, 2) as well as a heavier duty pair by Isotoner (review). All three pairs of gloves worked well at both keeping out digits warm and allowing us to still interact with our beloved touchscreens. And today we add another notch to our belt by way of NewerTech’s NuTouch gloves. Hop inside as we try out the latest pair of geek-ware to pass through our hallowed halls…



Immediately off the bat we noticed a striking resemblance to Agloves’ own line of lighter-weather gloves. Though one thing that does set the two brands apart is how complete the fancy fibers that support the needed bio-electric currents needed for full-on interaction. Agloves uses small silver fibers throughout their competing gloves where as NewerTech uses finger caps. Neither method is better or worse than the other, and in the end comes to down to personal preference. Personally, we kind of like the two tone look of the NuTouch gloves a hair more.

Performance: Onscreen/Cold Weather Protection

As for responsiveness, banging out sexts to our closest (and not so closest) friends was remarkably quick. In the super speedy sessions we did have to go back and edit auto-correct/fat-finger failures pretty often. But considering the circumstances, and the fact that we’d much rather have warm fingers than no fingers, we’ll accept the increased level of edits.

As for cold weather protection, it should be pretty clear that these aren’t intended or sub-arctic expeditions where even polar bears are going to be cursing at the cold. Your typical 20-40 F temps are the sweet spot for the NuTouch gloves.

Should You Buy Them?

For $19.99 you’re not getting the best cold weather gloves money could buy. But, you are getting a decent amount of cold weather protection and a worthy competitor to our long time touchscreen friendly favorites, Agloves. Choosing between Aglove gloves and the NuTouch is pretty much a crap shoot in our book. Pick which one looks best. Pick which one is cheaper. We don’t care. But pick one! No touchscreen user in a cold weather climate should be without gloves like this. Period.

Available at: NewerTech

Gadgetsteria Rating: 7/10

  • Jordan Carpenter

    I like the look of these over the Agloves Sport. They don’t have that crazy speck look to them. Out of the two, I’d probably opt for these.