Review: Opena Bottle Opener iPhone 4S Case

Today I get to talk about something that combined two of my favorite things in life: my iPhone 4S and beer. Yes my friends, beer. Opena is the World’s first iPhone 4/4S case that has a built in slide out bottle opener. What once was only a glimmer in the eyes of two Aussies; Rob Ward and Chris Peters, and what started out as a Kickstarter project is now protecting iPhones and getting those people drunk at the same time.

We put the Opena case to some vigorous tests this past week and painfully had to down numerous (and I mean numerous) beers in the process. Will the Opena do a spot on job at protecting your iPhone 4? Will it also easily open that tasty IPA of yours without having to carry another bottle opener? We answered these questions and got kinda tipsy in the process after the break.


We have reviewed our share of iPhone cases over the years, and we know that they are a dime a doze. Everywhere you turn you’ll see a new case. Some are slim, some are tough and rugged, but none double as a Swiss Army Knife of alcoholism as the Opena Case does. I am one that really doesn’t like iPhone cases. I’ve never had one on any of my iPhones. The first case I used was the Bumper on my iPhone 4 18 months ago. I lean towards BodyGuardz films as the design of the iPhone is something I want to protect, not hide.

But when I first heard of this project back when they were still raising money to develop it I was highly interested. And when I was contacted asking if I’d like to review a unit I jumped at the chance! I always have my iPhone on me, but I don’t always have a bottle opener. And if you know me at all, or even just follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that from morning until night I speak of beer. So being able to always have a bottle opener on me without having a bulky unit hanging from my keychain sounding like an incredible idea.

As I was waiting for the case to arrive, I was doing some researching on it. The case seemed bulkier than I had hoped – understandably – but still bulkier than I would like, but when it arrived I was quite surprised in how thin it actually was. I attempted to put the case on and ran into some problems. For those of you that use either a Zagg skin or BodyGuardz skin on the rear glass of your iPhone 4/4S, you’ll need to know that you will have to remove that before attempting to use this case. There are small rubber guides to keep the metal away from glass that catch on the skin. I then spent a good 15 minutes trying to remove the case so I could take my back guard off. This is something I found extremely difficult. Putting the case on was an easy thing, taking it off gave me a piss of a time. I read online that you could push the iPhone out using the cut out hole to show the Apple logo. I didn’t want to do this as it scares me to put as much force needed to remove this phone on such a small area. I eventually got it out and was able to remove my skin to then re-attach the case and start my quest of beer drinking and note taking!

The case itself is made out of Polycarbonate/ABS and does a damn good job at adding great protection to the back side of your iPhone. The Opena was designed as an iPhone case first, bottle opener second. So don’t feel that you’ll be giving up some sort of protection to have the usefulness of a bottle opener. The case itself when on my iPhone added a lot of extra weight. I love how thin and lightweight the iPhone 4S is, when adding this case it takes away from some of the stuff I really like about the phone. I understand why it’s as heavy as it is, but it is still something I will be using for 3/4 of my day and the weight reminds me of why I don’t like many cases. But in addition to the protective skin I have on the front of my phone, I can highly recommend this as a case. I dropped it from about 2 feet high (only that far as my boss won’t replace it if I break it) straight on the back of it and didn’t notice any damage whatsoever. It adds quite a bit of bulk and protection the back. During the usage, the power chord sits easily in the iPhone with no interference. The headphone slot is also not obstructed. I did find the volume buttons hard to get to however. If I had longer nails and could get them in there it wouldn’t be a problem. But I had to use my finger tips and nails to adjust the volume. They are just so tucked in there that it required thought to make my music louder.

With having a bottle opener tucked away in this case you would think it would be extremely bulky. It really is quite slim and not noticeable at all. The bottle opener portion of the Opena Case is 100% satisfactory. I’ve used sooooo many bottle openers in my short 30 years, and I have to say this is one of the easiest ones I’ve used. I had to apply almost no force whatsoever on the bottles I was opening to get them to pop. I was actually quite blown away by this. I was expecting it to be flimsy and almost peel the phone away from the case as I popped the lids away from my sudsy good times. Not once did the opener give me any troubles. And the fact that it’s tucked away in an iPhone case is just brilliant!


The Opena Case for your iPhone 4/4S is definitely worth the $39.95 USD price tag. Not only do you get the benefits of a sturdy and sleek case, you also get a kick ass bottle opener. I only have 3 gripes about the case, the weight (which is just my personal preference), the volume buttons are tucked too far away to easily get to and the fact that it took me so long to get it out. I know after popping my phone in and out a few times, this will probably get easier. But for the novice first trying, it is actually quite scary – the idea of damaging your phone that is. But the case actually does what it is supposed to. It adds great protection to your phone. And that is what we’re here for. Protecting our devices. We won’t be able to afford all the beer we get to open if we are replacing our phones month after month.

The Opena Case comes in white and black, so it’ll go gorgeously with both shades of lowercase i.

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Thanks to Max Borges and Opena for the review unit!