[Update] Review: FX PhotoStudio For iOS.

If you’re on the lookout for a more robust camera app for iOS, you’ve no doubt come to the realization that the sea of suitable apps is vast and chock full of options. How is a consumer such as yourself supposed to choose? It’s quite simple actually. Read GS! On that note, today we’re taking a look at PhotoStudio for iOS. For mobile photographers and photo aficionados, PhotoStudio ads a considerable amount of extra options and features the stock camera app doesn’t offer. Hop inside and check it out…


General Navigation

Upon firing up PhotoStudio, you’re met with the screen to your left. From here, you can take a new photo, load a previously taken photo, and open documents. For the latter option of documents, you’ll need to sync your iDevice with your computer and manually drag-and-drop photos to PhotoStudio Documents within the iTunes App page.

Along the top, you also have options to like PhotoStudio on Facebook, Twitter, Review PhotoStudio on the Apple App Store, and recommend said app via email. Finally, the top right of the app features a settings button and a back button to take you back to your last page.

Taking & Editing Pictures

Using a new photo is straight forward. Hit “Take A Photo”. Afterwards, you’re presented with the preview window which amongst other things, features an “FX” icon at the top right. This icon is the gateway to the bread and butter of PhotoStudio. Inside the effects area, you’re presented with dozens of different color profiles and layers to slather on top of your pictures. One nice touch that we found to be fairly entertaining was layering different effects on top of each other, creating even more unique pictures. If you already have a previously taken picture you’d like to use, tap on load photo instead, and repeat the above steps.

I’ve had a solid week of play time with PhotoStudio. I must say, it is a fun app that provides plenty of options to tweak any photo you have into almost any style you want. Naturally, some work better than others. It all boils down to trial and error in the end. And after a week of bitter cold here in the midwest, I found the image below to be my personal favorite — a look down my drive way, edited to make it look even colder than it really is.

Other effects included with FX PhotoStudio include Bizarre, Blur, Lo-Fi, Vintage, Tiltshift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Textures, and plenty more.


How does PhotoStudio stack up to other photo editing apps? To be honest, we haven’t really tested other photo apps to date, save for the official Photoshop app by Adobe. On that front, we feel PhotoStudio is a bit more robust in the actual effects area, whereas Photoshop is more on the re-sizing/cropping side of things. Overall, it is a fun and handy app to have. PhotoStudio is available for $1.99 in the App Store.


A new update to Photo FX adds several new features such as six new professional filters, “Sketches”, support for the iPad 2, faster processing and more upgrades. Look for an updated review in within the next week.

A big thank you to MacPhun LLC for providing me a copy of PhotoStudio for review