Review: PowerBag

Nothing is more important to a die-hard gadget lover than battery power. The demands we place on our beloved phones, tablets and PMPs is simply growing too fast. There are options, however. Certain phones have cases with built-in batteries allowing additional runtime. And to cover all bases (phones) there are external battery packs with varying types of ports that allow users to plug in a myriad of gadgets for on-the-go charging. Unfortunately the most resourceful (read: biggest) battery packs aren’t always the most portable.

Seeing as how geeks/techies usually carry spare batteries, cables, devices, etc, there’s a bag involved. With that said, what if your bag was the power source?

Join us today as we take a look at the innovative PowerBag mobile charging solution and see if it is truly a geek’s best friend…

A backpack is menat to carry stuff. The more pockets (and variation in pocket sizes/shapes) is the most important and only feature, right? Change the backpack’s market by stuffing a battery pack inside and the requirements change.

Design & Construction

The PowerBag was designed with the help of design company, Ful. Still, it isn’t necessarily the best looking gadget bag we’ve seen. We’ve seen far worse, however, so we won’t be too quick to judge. And while we like just as much eye candy as the next, we find that in this instance it is the promise of portable charging that ultimately wins the race for our attention. But we’re not quite ready for that yet…

One thing about the PowerBag outside of the charging features that we really like is the physical construction of the bag. It’s relatively big. It features thick straps and tons of padding as well as a vast assortment of pockets in varying shapes and sizes. In short: you can store just about anything in the PowerBag. With that said, those of you looking for a small, simplistic bag will probably find the PowerBag a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, continue on…

Battery Power On The Go

The PowerBag’s main claim to fame is the 6,000 mAh built-in battery that promises to give new life to just about any electronic device you have in you arsenal. While there isn’t any type of outlet for your typical A/C power adapter, there are numerous connection options that cater to just about every type of connector (general or proprietary) we can think of.

For example: On the battery pack itself there is a standard USB port in which you can plug any device that charges via USB. For more popular gadgets, the left side pocket features mini and microUSB cords as well as an Apple dock connector. Again, in just the three connectors in the left-side pocket we easily see a good 70-80% of new devices being covered.

While the PowerBag’s main goal is to recharge your precious gadgets, the bag itself must eat at some point too. We’re happy to report that Powerbag covered all bases. There’s a charging port on the lower front corner of the bag that allows you to easily plug in your PowerBag to the wall. But if you can’t/don’t want to go that route the battery pack itself can be removed and charged as well.

Other Thoughts

The PowerBag is pretty awesome. We’re not going to lie or beat around the bush — we love this thing. But there is a few things we’d like changed.

Despite the already large assortment of compartments, we’d like to see those compartments re-engineered. The main storage compartments are large and relatively simple. Putting some smaller pockets closer towards the top would help in reducing “search time” for smaller gadgets. But more importantly, however, we’d really like to see Powerbag include a much larger built-in battery — a battery powerful enough to recharge laptops. Because let’s be real, laptops are quickly becoming the go-to computing standard over your traditional desktop computer. Add to that the average battery life for laptops still hovers in the 3-5 hour range (on the good side) and one can see why there is a need for portable laptop power.

Granted, increasing the battery size enough to provide worthwhile and useful laptop charging/runtime increases weight and cost, possibly significantly. But even then we feel the option is at least a good idea.


At the end of the day the PowerBag won’t win any award for prettiest gadget accessory or longest provided runtime. But in this particular market it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are few worthy contenders, and as such, leaves PowerBag’s shortfalls looking much less important. But once competing manufacturers jump into producing their own battery packing backpacks we think Powerbag will have to step up their own game.


As of writing the PowerBag is not yet publicly available. But once it is we highly recommend giving it a shot. If you’re a mobile techie, student, or even tech blogger like us, we feel the combined resourcefulness of large compartments and built-in battery will make for an invaluable tool.

Keep checking for the latest info regarding release and pricing information. You can, of course, check back here too…

Gadgetsteria Rating: 8.5/10