Review: Pritect Sensor Cover

Some time ago we received an offer to test a new accessory for the Xbox Kinect. It was unique from the rest of the accessories that the Kinect has out already such as magnifying the area in which it sees or stands to hook onto the back of your TV. No, we enjoyed the category that this device covered as not many people pay attention to it, yet most people are the most concerned about it; Privacy.

The Pritect Sensor cover is designed to keep privacy in your home when you would like it by offering a solution that slips over the Kinect. Some may think that this will hinder the voice commands in some way but we found no such thing. The voice commands worked flawlessly when the cover was on and the video sensors could not pick up any video. We found this useful when we were playing games not utilizing the Kinect as the Red Light sensor can become distracting and we keep on looking up at it.

The cover fits over the device to cover the front and back snuggly without being tight at all so there is no worries of scratching. Once on the only hole on the front is for the XBOX 360 logo in which it will allow speech to get through. Another thing we found it useful for was dust. Dust is a killer in our office and having to clean the Kinect lenses and sensors is just too much of a hassle, where as pulling off the Pritect Sensor Cover and giving it a good wipe is much more convenient.

Some of you may be wondering how much this bad boy costs since it is associated with XBOX 360 and is a Kinect Accessory. Well, we have the MSRP of $9.99 USD and we think that for that price, everyone should own a Pritect. We were quite happy with the results we got from the Pritect and it served us well to keep our device safe and prying eyes or sensors away when we didn’t want them watching. Check out below for the gallery of photos we took of the Pritect Sensor Cover and let use know your thoughts in the comments below!

Gadgetsteria Rating: 8/10