Review: Spigen SGP Glas.t

Short version: Rip off and throw away any screen protector you have now and replace it with the Glas.t.

Expanded Version:
This tempered and oleophobic coated Glas.t screen protector is like a second display on your device. Now before you go worrying about added thickness and bulk, let us be very clear: You cannot see the Glas.t installed (if done properly) nor can you feel it. Well, you can feel the difference between how awesome smooth glass feels as opposed to grippy and often “sticky” plastic-y screen protectors feel.

Installation is simple enough. Remove any current screen protector from your device, remove any traces of fingerprints and dust, pull cover off of adhesive side of Glas.t and apply.

We did have an unfortunate first-time installation in which a gigantic chunk of dust managed to sneak under the Glas.t at the last second when laying it down. Removing it caused more dust to collect on the Glas.t leaving us with no choice but to play mad scientist/doctor and use a bit of water to get the junk off of the back. After using a fan to blow air across the now wet surface as well flicking it to cast off water droplets, we’re happy to say we saved our Glas.t and now have a dust/lint/fingerprint free example on our iPhone 4S.

As far as protection goes, the Glas.t will shatter just like any other glass when dropped. However, the 8-9H hardness rating puts it considerably higher on the list of strength compared to typical plastic screen protectors.

Another nice touch that Spigen implemented into the Glas.t is the oleophobic coating. Smartphone manufacturers (generally) have oleophobic coatings applied to their devices’ displays as well as it helps reduce the build up of oily fingerprints and other smudges on the display. It may seem minor, but it makes a world of difference when that tiny display is your window to the world for many hours each and every day.

$27.99 is on the higher-end of screen protectors. Then again, pretty much every other screen protector is made out of plastic (or similar materials), not oleophobic-coated glass. If scratches are your number one concern, the Glas.t is your best, most seamless bet.

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Gadgetsteria Rating: 9/10