[Update] Review: Spigen SGP Linear EX

The Linear EX is a unique twist on the rehashed bumper “case”. For starters, it’s a snap together design that comes in various different colors – already a big plus in our book. This construction allows for customization of color to suit your mood/personality and ultimately makes your phone feel more personal. The second differentiating feature, and one that might annoy those obsessed with symmetry, is the off-centered J-shaped pieces. We’ll admit at first we were kind of iffy about the look as well. Though after several days we’ve come to enjoy it for it’s own quirkiness. Finally, what we really like are the volume and power/sleep covers. Bumper cases in particular generally cover these buttons, and as such, make them feel much less clicky; they basically feel like a super cheap button instead of the high quality construction and feel Apple intended. Like the stock Apple bumper case, the volume and power/sleep button covers on the Linear EX look and feel great. Kudos to Spigen for this.

While the Linear EX is an A+ in styling, protection is a bit lacking. Not only does the bumper style leave the front and back fully exposed, the plastic and snapping nature of the case makes it less absorbent to bumps and more prone to popping off when dropped. Still, in the few minor (2-3′) drop tests we conducted, the Linear EX stayed put.

Update 5/7/12 – After further usage with a wider array of headphones, we’re sad to say that Spigen SGP failed to build a big enough headphone jack into the Linear EX. To use headphones using thicker 3.5mm plugs, removing the case is necessary. While this will obviously be a turn off and make-or-break situation for those of you who routinely use such headphones, we think the majority of users will be unaffected. That said, we are leaving the rating as is at 8/10.

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Gadgetsteria Rating: 8/10