Review: Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Urbanears is a fashion conscious headphone manufacturer that looks to make the experience of listening to and wearing headphones more colorful and fun. The outward variations in color immediately signal this. Though, what about the sound quality? Fit? Value?

Hardware & Fit

The Plattan are supra-aural (sit on the ears) headphones. What we quickly found (and didn’t like) is that the pressure of the headband isn’t high enough. The end result is that in order to get decent sound you have to adjust and literally push them onto your ears until they somewhat hold their position. In their stock form, not sitting tightly enough on your ears, sound was awfully tinny. But when employing a little bit of adjustment practices, we found the sound increased leaps and bounds.

Besides ear cup placement, we like how incredibly light the Plattans are. After a while you kind of forget they’re sitting on your head. On the flip side, we could also see someone not liking how loose the Plattans are. Though again, after a little bit of fiddling we were able to get a more suitable fit.

Fitting issues aside, we really love that you can daisy chain headphones with the Plattans thanks to the additional 3.5mm jack located on one of the ear cups. It make sharing music with a friend far less invasive on those around you

Sound Quality

At first, before we literally squished the Plattan’s on our head we thought we had a been given a defective pair. The sound was very tinny and closed – highs and lows were severely rolled off. Once employing the necessary fitting adjustments (as outlined above), however, we were rewarded with considerably better sonic characteristics.

That said, we spend a lot of time using headphones at various price points and across all genres of music. After many hours of A-B listening with other headphones in our arsenal (both more and less expensive), we’ve come to the conclusion that Urbanears should have put a little more focus on sound quality. They are not a stand out headphone at their price point.


The Plattan’s are a sharp, simplistic looking headphone that are both minimalist in nature and fun at the same time. The added audio port is a somewhat unique feature that makes the whole idea of being social with music that much easier and fun. Unfortunately, the outward appearance appears to have taken the front seat this time while the real meat of the story, sound quality, sadly gets shuffled to the back.

If the Plattans were $20-30 we might be more inclined to offer them up as a decent solution. But at $60 we just can’t. There are other pairs of headphones (and earphones) that sound better.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 5/10

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