Review: USB Charge & Sync Cable by Scosche


One of the few physical limitations of the iPhone is both a blessing and a curse. The built-in battery can either make or break your day. On one hand, being built in means a generally larger, irregularly shaped battery cell which translates into longer runtimes. The downside of that is that you can’t pop out the battery and swap in a fresh spare, nor can you rip the battery out in the case of water contact. Carrying around a sync cable can be a pain too. Who wants another object to cram into their already tight pockets?

That’s where something like the Scosche Charge & Sync cable comes in. Yes, it’s basically a cable — no different than your typical sync cable. However, where this little collection of rubber and wire may swoon you is in how it’s packaged. Hop inside to find out why you need this…
The iPhone is all about being mobile. Excess baggage (read: Cables and yes…even spare batteries) is the bane of a mobile junkie’s existence. But there are some things you can do. Take for example, the built-in key loop hole on the Schosche Charge & Sync cable. As we mentioned earlier, stuffing your pockets isn’t our first choice. But bundling such things with keys sort of lessens our focus on the fact we’re carrying around a charging cable.

Following on that same slim profile idea, the Scosche Sync Cable takes up quite a bit less actual space than your typical iPhone sync cable. Then again, your typical iPhone sync cable doesn’t fit onto your keys and take up the same amount of space as a quarter. Really, the benefits are two-fold: the case contains the excess cord and keeps clutter down while also protecting the cable from catching on things, with the end result ultimately being a cut cord.

The basic principal of leaving your “normal” cable at home and forgetting that you even have a cable with you is perfectly displayed not in how this device functions when in use, but how it functions when “in sleep mode”. When you’re not charging/syncing your iPhone/iPod, simply tuck the dock connector and USB connector into the main housing of the unit. Boom — no worries of damaging the delicate bare metal contacts of the USB-end of the cable nor it’s companion dock connector. But there is one thing you must always remember: When removing the connectors to charge/sync, always do the dock connector first. The reason being is that if you try to remove the USB end first, you’ll put a fair amount of stress on that thin piece of plastic that holds the metal contacts because of its long, narrow shape. The dock connector is more squat, and thus can withstand the force.

In short, the design is really quite simple yet so ingenious. “Perfect” comes to mind.

The only downside I could see someone having with this is that the cable is short — extremely short. Snapping the connectors back into their protective shell is pretty tight. Not “oh geeze, this thing is going to snap” tight…but you get the picture. But having a ton of excess cable kind of defeats the purpose of why this accessory exists anyway. So I don’t see the lack of cable as a bad thing.

Overall, the Scosche Charge & Sync cable is much more preferable method of carrying a charge/sync cable while on the go. It’s easier to handle with the included key loop, takes up less space, and is overall just less of a nuisance. I even think it looks kind of stylish dangling from your keys (keys declined to pose for pictures). It’s only $19.99 for something that will drastically improve your mobile lifestyle. Why not, eh?


*Thank you to Max Borges Agency for the review unit*



  • October 28, 2010 7:22 pm
  • by: Mike
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