Review: V-MODA Vibrato Remote.

We’ve stated a time or three before that we’re big audio junkies here at GS. And we’ll be honest with you right up front: “pretty” headphones that look stylish rarely sound good. Ok. For the general public they could be worth a listen. But we’re somewhere in between tone deaf and audiophile — emphasis on the latter. So when we were given the chance to test out V-MODA’s “stylish” Vibrato Remote headphones we didn’t necessarily jump right away. We’ve had a couple of lower end samples pass through our ears that were quite frankly a load of garbage. But the story is quite different this time around…

Style & Design

What can we say? The Vibrato Remote earphones a hot! What V-MODA incorporates into many of their headphones like the Vibratos is various Zinc alloys that give ultimately make them incredibly strong and resilient to drops and crush damage.

While some may worry that the use of metals in earphones will make them uncomfortable and/or heavy, we’re happy to report that the Vibrators are actually some of the most “invisible” earphones we’ve ever used. After 5-10 minutes we didn’t notice them at all.

But not only the earphone housing is built to take a beating. The Vibratos feature a braided cable. This is good for two reasons.

  1. It helps better prevent tangles and knots.
  2. It is tougher yet lighter than normal rubber counterparts.

So not only do they look good, they’ll last through some pretty tough punishment to boot.

While we sing praises of the Vibrato’s physical appearance, how does the inside look sound? Considering these are headphones, the audio properties ultimately weigh heavier.

Audio Performance

According to V-MODA, the Vibrato Remote earphones are good for 5 – 24000 Hz. Now, human ears can’t hear anything below 20 Hz or anything about 20,000 Hz. With that said, frequency range numbers are about as useful as PC/phone benchmarks (read: useless in the real world). Good ‘ol fashioned ears-on time is the only true test — and test we did.

We sat through many hours of music spreading across just about every genre you can think of. (Except country. We don’t touch that.) Everything from Skrillex to Radiohead to Lamb of God to Lil Wayne to Florence and the Machine. Seriously. We listend to a lot of music.

V-MODA has always been one to accentuate the low end. The Vibratos don’t change this. If you’re looking for a neutral sound you probably won’t like the Vibratos. But there’s plenty to like. For starters, the mid-range, which is often lost to a thick, meaty low end is mostly in tact. We didn’t notice any of that annoying blending of mid-range bass into the low-end (read: no obnoxious “bass hum” in the 100Hz-400Hz range.) Highs were also what we’d consider good for the masses and acceptable to more discerning audio junkies. Whereas lower-end V-MODA earphones tend to roll off around 14,000Hz, the Vibratos keep going up to the edge of our hearing. Though there is one kind of small problem: they can be harsh. Depending on the music/artist/song being played, you may have to EQ the high-end down a bit or risk having your eye drums knifed by over-zealous hit-hats (or whatever else it is in your music that bounces off the 16,000Hz+ mark.


The Vibrato Remote earphones are currently available for $129.99 at on V-MODA’s online shop. Should you splurge? That’s tough. In our opinion, while the Vibratos are hands down one of the best pairs of earphones to look at, their sound isn’t quite “$130″ quality if you know what we mean. Of course when you add in the mic/phone/audio control functionality you do get closer to reaching what we’d consider a fair price ($99).

At the same time there aren’t too many decent sounding headsets that play dual roles such as the Vibratos. In the end you’ll have to decide if the small trade off in audio quality is worth the added convenience of not having to remove your earphones for every phone call and a pretty face, not to mention a $130 price.

Gadgetsteria Rating: 7/10

A special thanks to V-MODA and Max Borges