RIAA/labels wanted iTunes LP’s, not Apple.

Last year when Apple was all jubilant about iTunes LP’s, a lot of tech people were left scratching their heads wondering wtf was going on. Over the last few years, Apple has been promoting, marketing, and pushing an entire generation towards all you can eat, cheap music via a-la-carte methods. Albums and “special edition” LP’s are a complete 180 from their general philosophy.

That confusion was for good reason though. New information via GigaOhm (link currently down) has several industry insiders stating that the only way Apple got the 100% DRM-free catalog was by allowing iTunes LP’s into the store. With that nugget of info available, the whole confusion aspect is completely decimated. Only the major labels would think of something so stupid and backwards to spur album sales.

Truth is, full album purchases are a dying habit. Sure people will still do it, but in less numbers than was once seen with physical media. There’s absolutely no reason to spend $10-$20 on a cd/album that only has 25-50% of actual “good content” or content that you actually like. And if you spend a few minutes getting comfy with a search engine, you’ll easily find that iTunes LP sales have been less than fantastic. The labels still can’t figure out their own market anymore. In return, they concoct stupid plans (such as iTunes LP) because somehow, we all want to sit down and look at pretty pictures again.

Have you ever purchased an iTunes LP or even looked at one?


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