RIM Chasing After Relevance With The BlackBerry Video Store.

It’s no secret that RIM has been in a lot of trouble getting people to actually care about them as of late. The PlayBook, while featuring nice hardware and generally awesome software, has failed to catch the general public’s interest (firesale aside). But at MWC 2012 RIM took another step towards making the PlayBook and their entire ecosystem as a whole a more complete experience by unveiling their BlackBerry Video Service.

The new service is powered by content powerhouse, Rovi, which among other things is bringing native DivX+ streaming and playback to the PlayBook as well as a healthy dollop of Blu-ray support for things like chapters and audio commentaries (Update: DivX support/streaming isn’t new to the PlayBook). And thanks to the PlayBook’s miniHDMI out, hi-def video junkies could potentially have an awesome little mobile device to watch HD video on the go.

RIM is still clearly learning how to navigate the consumer world in the age of Android and iOS, but their announcement of the BlackBerry Video service (and the features it brings) could show a turning point in RIM’s thinking. But the golden question that constantly keeps getting re-asked: “Is it too little too late?”

Source: ElectricPig

  • http://crackberry.com/ CrackBerry Bla1ze

    The PlayBook had DivX support of the box, long before Rovi and OS 2.0.

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      So it is. Edited.