Round Up: id America iPhone Cases.

We like iPhones and we really love iPhone cases. We literally have drawers full. And yes, we change them like socks. With that said, what’s three more? Hop past the break as we take a look at three of id-America’s popular ICE, Skyline and Gasket iPhone 4 cases…


The first id America case we’ve got on hand is the ICE/DRYICE. Either clear or frosted clear colors come in the form of a snap-on case that locks securely into place ensuring accidental drops don’t launch your precious iPhone out of the case and onto some hard, glass-breaking surface. On that same note, it is a bit difficult to pull apart should the need arise. Of course, everyone and their mother probably have more nails than we collectively do at the GS office, and in turn should have a little bit easier time with dismantling.

As far as looks go, we like the frosted color we received for review. Added thickness is minimal, though noticeable. If you’re coming from a bumper case of some sort, try before you buy.

Rigid Flex Case

The Rigid Flex case we have on hand looks snazzy, is easy to get on and off and offers good all around protection. The case, like the name says, leans towards the rigid end of cases though does offer a small amount of flex — a good thing as it helps in drop protection.

What we don’t like is that the rigid factor doesn’t extend to the runs between corners, especially on the top and bottom of the case. The end result is a sagging, non-hugging design that really looks quite cheap. It’s a tad cheaper than the average iPhone 4 case at $24.99, but we feel there are better options out there.


Finally, we get to (our favorite) the Gasket case. It doesn’t take much thought to deduce where the id America team pulled the name from — the back of the case looks like a cutaway section of an engine block/head gasket. No matter what color you get the Gasket case in — We got ours in a dark grey/charcoal color — you’re pretty much guaranteed a good looking case.

The all aluminum design oozes sophistication and class as well as providing exceptional rigidity at a thinness and weight that are hard to beat. Unfortunately, the case is rather unforgiving when it comes time to insert/remove your iPhone as it features curved lips that feel downright sharp. Every time we swapped in and out of the gasket case we cringed a little bit as the sharp aluminum lip slid over the metal band surrounding the iPhone 4.

In the cases defense, the entire interior is lined with a thin layer of super soft micro fiber-like material. Still, it is the very the edges of our iPhone that took quite a beating and leave us most worried about long-term use damaging the metal band around the outside of the phone.

**No visual damage was found, though we could feel scratching and heavy resistance


At $29.99 for the most expensive (and best looking) Gasket case, id America has quite a few good things going for them. Any one of these cases would make a good protector of your iPhone. We just wish id America would tighten up their tolerances a bit and provide a slightly more forgiving design on the Gasket case in particular.

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