Rovio Announces 2011 Results: 648 Million Downloads, $106 Million In Sales.

Rovio’s Angry Birds is perhaps one of most iconic games of the mobile generation. Just a couple short years ago it entered the market. And already it is a massive brand that has escaped the typical small screen of mobile devices and turned into a full-fledged phenomenon that includes not only games, but branded food, clothing, an upcoming cartoon and plenty more. Clearly, Swedish based Rovio Mobile is raking in the cash.

Today, Rovio confirmed such beliefs in a new financial statement claiming a staggering 648 million downloads in 2011 and sales of $106 million (profit before tax – $67.6 million).

For those of you increasingly tired of the Angry Birds brand, get used to it. Angry Birds (and Rovio Mobile) are here to stay for a while.

Via: Techcrunch