Update: Rovio Mobile: “No Plans” To Bring Angry Birds Space To Windows Phone

While the outlook for Windows Phone is finally beginning to look on the up and up thanks to hype surrounding Nokia’s new range of Lumia devices, there is is still a disconnect between the WP platform and developers. Talking to Bloomberg, Angry Birds outfit, Rovio Mobile, said that even though they are “No. 1 in the Marketplace”, there are “currently no plans” to bring Angry Birds Space to the Windows Phone platform. The reasoning given by Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Vesterbacka, is that doing so would require completely rewriting the app from scratch. And at the end of the day, the platform is simply too small still to be financially justified.

The comment is sure to sting Microsoft and Windows Phone users a bit, as love ‘em or hate ‘em, Angry Birds is a massive brand. Having access to it means your platform is “relevant”. The more telling aspect, however, is that Rovio isn’t even looking at Windows Phone being a large market worthy of the Angry Birds name in the future, something we actually disagree with. Nonetheless, Rovio’s stance isn’t an exception. We’ve seen other app developer outfits (big and small) hesitate on Windows Phone support.

But even with Rovio’s rejection, things are still going alright for Microsoft and Windows Phone. Yesterday the Windows Phone Marketplace officially passed 70,000 apps, signaling that developers are still interested in WP7. Hopefully Rovio has a change of heart as time progresses and Windows Phone can continue scoring big-name apps. Because lets be honest, app selection by lots of small-time developers is always nice. But it’s those big name apps like Angry Birds that really attract the masses.

Source: Bloomberg | Via: Slashgear


A new update by Reuters quotes Rovio Mobile CEO, Mikael Hed, whom claims the earlier report (above) is incorrect, and that the company is in fact working on bringing a version of Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone. 1+1=3. Stay tuned…