Rumor: Apple Developing Two Iterations Of iMessage For OSX.

When Apple announced iMessage earlier this summer it instantly changed the future for wireless carriers and consumers alike. While similar messaging systems have been utilized by other platforms for man years, the ubiquitous and immediate rollout of iMessage made it possible for millions of iPhone users to simultaneously drop specific SMS/texting plans and rely on solely their data plan (we did). Though while iMessage is great on iOS devices, lack of support on OSX is one glaring hole in an otherwise great product.

According to 9to5Mac and “sources familiar with OSX development”, Apple is currently working on two implementations of iMessage in OSX: a standalone iMessage for OSX application and a version of iChat with iMessage built in. For simplicity’s sake we’d prefer it to be integrated directly into iChat but can see pros to having it split off too. With all that said there has been some leaked code that seemed to point to iMessage integration coming to the desktop OS, though nothing more has been seen or said in the many weeks following the initial leak.

At this time the information is undeniably nothing more than rumor — rumor that we hope materializes in the near future.

Hop past the break to see a video highlighting what iMessage integration in OSX might look like…


Via: 9to5Mac