Rumor: Apple Moving To Dual-Bar LED Backlight For iPad 3.

  • November 7, 2011 6:52 am

The iPad 3 may feature many new traits that will push the bar higher in the tablet arena. But one area that seems to be a sure win for Apple is the display — that is, provided they actually release the next-gen iPad with a “Retina Display”. At 300+ dots per inch, the 10.1″ iPad will pack in an insane amount of pixels into its tiny frame — 2048 x 1536 — instantly upstaging all other competitors. But the move to more pixels presents a problem with the backlighting. The current single-bar unit that Apple employs won’t be bright enough for such a high resolution display.

According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple’s display backlight vendors have prepared two new options to fend off darkness: a single-bar backlight with two LED chips and a beefier dual-bar design. Apple has resisted dual-bar type backlights in previous iPads solely for the cause of battery life and heat issues. Those problems, however, have reportedly been remedied.

Supposedly Apple is “leaning” towards the dual-bar design as it has the potential to provide the greatest performance, though as normal, Apple won’t say a thing.

Source: DigiTimes | Via: Slashgear


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