Rumor: Nintendo To Launch Wii U With Dedicated App Store, “Independent” Apps.

Many tech professionals, seasoned and novice alike, see Nintendo’s reluctance to enter 3rd party app markets (such as the iOS or Android mobile app stores) as a stubborn, potentially harmful blow to the companies future prospects. But maybe, just maybe, Nintendo has something up their sleeve. According to an anonymously tipped story at The Daily, Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch the WiiU console with its own, full-fledged app store.

We know, another app store. But seeing as how Nintendo does both hardware and software (much like Apple and unlike many other 3rd party app stores), this could be a great move. Currently, Nintendo makes use of sudo app stores (read: repositories more or less) for their mobile and console hardware.

As of right now, it’s unclear exactly what types of apps this app store would offer as well as if independent apps — apps that could run on the Wii U’s controller alone — would make it into the fold. Though, we can’t imagine Nintendo would ignore such apps, especially considering how much ground/popularity iOS devices are making on the mobile gaming front.

Stay tuned, we’ve still got a bit of waiting to do. The Wii U’s current projected release is “late 2012″.


  • Source TheDaily
  • Via Electronista