Rumor: Samsung’s Windows Roadmap Includes Galaxy S III-Like Device And Two Windows 8 Tablets.

According to tech site “Smarthouse”, Samsung will unveil a Windows Phone 8 device that will allegedly be “as good as” the recently unveiled Galaxy S III Android super phone. Unlike rival LG, who recently stated that they were stepping back from the Windows Phone platform after (rumored) lackluster sales, Samsung’s reaffirmation of dedication to Microsoft’s mobile OS should be a huge relief to Windows Phone users.

Aside from a Windows Phone-ified Galaxy S III device, the same Samsung executives who divulged the smartphone information above also told Smarthouse that the company’s strategic Windows plan also contains two new tablets. The Samsung executive wouldn’t confirm screen sizes, though Smarthouse claims to have “confirmed” independently 11″ and 14″ as the choices.

Windows Phone devices have thus far been labeled “under-spec’d” by Android (and even iOS) owners, thanks to the use of single-core processors in devices. With the latest rumors saying a new Windows Phone device is on track to equal the Galaxy S III, our attention is certainly piqued.

If anyone was worried about the Windows Phone/Tablet platform moving forward, the Microsoft-Nokia partnership as well as a seemingly bullish plan by Samsung at least shows healthy competition by a few competitors.

Source: Smarthouse | Via: AllAboutPhones (Translated), Phonearena