Samsung ChatOn Challenges iMessage – On iPhones

Anyone with an iDevice with iOS 5 should be fully aware of iMessage, a service extending SMS by sending messages to other iDevices via the internet, instead of through your carrier. Although other similar services and apps exist, both on other devices (like BBM) and across devices (like WhatsApp), it’s a little unusual to see a direct competitor like Samsung take on iMessage with its own service, ChatOn.

ChatOn has been released on the Android Marketplace but is soon to arrive on the Apple iOS App Store and BlackBerry marketplace. Offering cross-platform messaging with delivered and read reports and whiteboard features.

While perhaps this news is positive in that Samsung are attempting to reach a wider audience, it’s notable that one of the major news stories of the last year involves Samsung and Apple in infringement and anti-trust lawsuits around the world. It seems like Samsung is taking the fight to Apple on their own turf.

Will Samsung take over iMessage, or is the market saturated with many messaging applications? And finally, with many rumors circulating since the introduction of iMessage, will Apples notification application reach other devices?

  • Via macgasm