Samsung Galaxy S III Benchmarked. No Surprise: It’s Fast.

Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S III is perhaps one of the most hyped phones leading up to its announcement event yesterday. Ever. For months people have speculated as to what technology would ship on Sammy’s latest flagship device. Well, the Galaxy S III is finally here bringing with it a new level of mobile performance compliments of the Exynos quad-core processor and Mali-400 GUP.

Tech site Anandtech has already run several benchmarks on the Galaxy S III and found it to be quite potent, handedly beating the iPhone 4S and HTC One X in a number of tests. Though, remember, both devices ship with only dual-core processors. Still, the 130 fps achieved by the Galaxy S III on the GLBenchmark 2.1 (720p offscreen) benchmark is pretty awesome, passing the iPhone 4S’ own performance by 7 frames per second and demolishing the One X’s posted numbers by 35 frames per second.

Head on over to Anandtech for the full rundown.

  • martin williams

    Mike – they’ve blown the performance barrier, but at what price on battery? This runs flat out on all cores all the time, no ‘lite’ 5th core – thoughts?