Saurik Sheds Some Light On Future Of

  • October 8, 2011 5:39 am

After our post earlier warning everyone, via MuscleNerd, to steer clear of because of the new owner, we were all left wondering the future of the extremely popular domain. Of course, the tool can be ported, but has been around for a long time now, and it will go down as the site that was first able to jailbreak the iPad 2. We might not have to worry about directing our iDevices to any other domain, as Saurik has given us the latest info regarding the domain and it’s new ownder.

Back in July, around the time that Comex decided it was time to hang up his jailbreak jersey and join the likes of Apple, the domain was handed over. Once we learned this yesterday, MuscleNerd was on it telling us that the new owner was unknown and that the site could spread malicious malware to our devices. Saurik was able to get to know the new owner and apparently he isn’t a bad guy. After their discussion, the domain – – was handed over to Saurik so moving forward there is no reason to worry about what is being sent to your iDevice.


Source: Saurik

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  • Myworldofsand

    So what versions os iOS will it still work on if any? Is it still business as usual? @saurik

    • Jordan Carpenter works on iOS version up to 4.3.3. Anything after you’ll have to use redsn0w