Shocker: AT&T To Appeal $850 Fee Awarded To Throttled User.

Make no mistake. AT&T’s throttling tactics are a slap in the face to the millions of people who still feed them their hard earned cash. If the carrier were more clear about said plans or had some sort of minimum data cap in place instead, it wouldn’t be so bad. But having instances where someone who has used only 1-1.5 GB on an “unlimited” data plan throttled to unusable dial-up speeds is completely and utterly ridiculous, and even more-so when you consider there are 2 GB and 3 GB tiered data plans currently available.

One customer by the name of Matt Spaccarelli who felt this new throttling tactic was unfair after having a taste of it firsthand decided to not moan on a public forum but instead take the matter to small claims court. Surprisingly, Matt won! The judge said Matt was entitled to $850 in retribution, and awarded it to him last Friday. (AT&T’s contract makes it impossible for class action lawsuits to be started, and sadly the U.S. Supreme Court was bought by AT&T lobbyists upheld the no class action clause last year.)

Unsurprisingly, AT&T thinks the judgement is invalid and is appealing, gunning for an overturned verdict that sees $0 leaving their coffers. If AT&T fails, Matt’s case will set the precedent for potentially many more lawsuits revolving around AT&T’s shady throttling tactics.

Why the hate for AT&T? Well, while it is true that other carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon also throttle data, there plans aren’t downright useless when throttled (as is AT&T’s) and they are a bit more generous in the floating allotment/cap and seem to have a better grasp of “fair” data optimization.

We certainly hope AT&T loses and that more cases like Matt’s are brought forward. AT&T needs to be taught that blatantly screwing over customers, despite the government being ok with it, is not acceptable.

Source: Macworld