Show the Yukon who’s boss with the Columbia Bugathermo heated, rechargable boots.

by Mike
Posted October 5th, 2009 at 5:58 am

Freezing to death doesn’t sound like a good way to go. You know…shivering and feeling yourself slowly getting rigid as the mercury falls just seems like a bad deal all around. Heck, even losing a foot to frost bite will instantly turn a good day bad. But what if you could be more proactive in your arctic adventures? Sure you have special sleeping bags, tents, and….fire, but what about something that will protect one of your most often used yet under appreciated extremities? The Columbia Bugathermo boot is your saving grace. These boots aren’t your grandfather’s boots. Instead of merely encasing your foot in rubber and synthetic fibers, heating elements and rechargeable batteries get thrown into the mix. For those seemingly unbearable cold winter nights in the wilderness or those long day voyages into the unknown, the integrated heating element will keep your southern digits warm from 3-8 hours depending on what level of heat you require. Furthermore, the batteries within are rechargeable meaning you can simply plug in to any electrically friendly hole and keep the heat ‘a flowin’.

One particular thing that would be helpful as well would be the ability to swap out normal batteries for times when you need heat now. Though I wonder if that would pose problems for water resistance and retaining heat. Still, these boots are might cool for those who venture into the cold corners of the earth. Is $250 really that much to keep your toes on the ends of your feet?

Engadget > Be Sportier

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